Wednesday, January 18, 2012

McTeacher Night and a Winner!

Tonight our school had a fundraiser at McDonalds called McTeacher Night. It was the first time we've done this and it was a two hour time period where we were able to get a portion of the proceeds the evening. All the teachers signed up to help out. Some cleaned tables, some helped put food out, some gave out prizes to the kids, and some passed out free smoothie samples. I got to have a really fun job and passed out stickers to all the kids. It was so busy and packed the whole time! About half of my students came with their parents and everyone said they had such a great time.

I encourage you to see if your school can do something similar. It was by far the easiest fundraiser we've ever done. So our school library got money, McDonalds got money, AND each teacher who worked got a coupon for a free value meal. Win-win-win!

I'm also happy to announce a winner from my giveaway! Congrats to Jennifer from Keys4Education. Thank you to those who entered and gave me some ideas for my upcoming Family Reading Night. I appreciate all your help!

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