Sunday, September 25, 2011


I thought I'd just take a second to talk about one of my favorite literacy sites, The Florida Center for Reading Research. I just discovered it last year, so if anyone hasn't heard about it yet, you really should check it out.
Okay here's how it works. Click {HERE} to get to the page below, or you can just google FRCC and click on "FAIR Search Tool"

#1 - First you need to select your grade level. It goes from K-5 and then there's an option for 6-12 (all grouped together).
#2 - Next choose which skill you're working on (from Phonemic Awareness to Comprehension).
#3 - Then you can narrow down a specific area like High Frequency Words, Onset and Rime, etc.

Finally hit "Show Results and you'll see so many fun games and activities. If you haven't tried this already I know you'll LOVE this site!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Teacher Bag

Tonight I'm joining in Abby's Linky Party over at The Inspired Apple. This is the perfect post to do while I'm watching last night's Glee episode! Anyone else excited that all the good fall shows are finally back?!?

So, here she is! I love this bag. My Mother-in-Law got this for me seven years ago when I was doing my student teaching. It's from GAP, which is why it's held up for so long and is always stylish.

I usually bring home my Houghton Mifflin manual as well as the Saxon Math lesson. Tonight I was working on next weeks objectives that we have to turn into our principal, so I have all of next week's lessons as well.

I kinda have an obsession with my planner. I thought it was just me, but I'm glad to see that so many other people are really into their planners as well. I like "The Green Plan Book." With all the paper I use during the day, it just feels better.

Here's just some other randoms I have in my bag. There are pens, paper clips, and such in there too, but I didn't feel like digging it all out. Sorry if you were really looking forward to seeing my paper clips :o)

Okay, so I know this isn't really inside my teacher bag, but I usually bring this with me too. It's my new fall bag. I saw it at Charming Charlie's and fell in love with the color and cute ruffle. It holds my wallet, phone, and then all my little boy's necessities.

Be sure to head on over to link up your bag!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Days of the Week

My kiddos pretty much have the Days of the Week down, but I made this little activity for my visual and kinesthetic learners who need to mix them up and then put them in order.

Super easy and fun. Some of my favorite kinds of activities!

Click {HERE} for your copy.

Also, for Constitution Day my students made these great flag art projects (also great for 9/11 lessons) found at Janae's awesome blog The Sharpened Pencil. I love how different they all turned out. Thanks for sharing Janae!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Listening Skills / Directional book

**UPDATED** The link now works!!

I made this book hoping for a fun, quick activity for my students. It'll let me assess their listening skills as well as see if they understand basic directions of objects (on top, beside, under, etc.). My husband is out of town for the week and took my computer with him. At first I thought nothing of it, but tonight I'm realizing it has all my favorite fonts and programs. I made this book in Keynote (which is kind of like PowerPoint). Anyways I have no clue if you guys will be able to open it. Would you please let me know either way? Fingers crossed!
*Directions* Each child will color and cut out 4 apples. Then glue an apple to each page and have the kids add their own worm.

Click {HERE} for the book!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back To School Night

Last night was our Back-to-School-Night. I've noticed that most schools do it right before school starts, but ours is a week after. Weird huh? The great thing is that I can use a lot of the students' work for displays and to show parents. It was a fun, but tiring night! Here are just a few pictures from my evening.

My information packet, the students' note about what they want to learn this year, and the parents note back to their child.

Okay, so I bribed the students to get their parents to come. I told them there would be a treat.

My Lesson Objectives board

Such a great art project found at Teaching with TLC

Class thumbprint tree found {here}