Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Behavior Chart

Today I'm linking up with The Lesson Plan Diva to share a behavior chart I use with students. I've used this with students who range from being very talkative to extra emotional and cry all the time.
-The first thing I do, after a documenting the problem in the student's file and talking to the student about it, is inform the parents of the chart and let them know how I intend to use it with their child. Usually, they're all for it.
-Then I decide how often we'll monitor the student's behavior. For example: every 30 minutes, every hour, before and after lunch, or once a day.
-Next, I show the student their chart and make it a really exciting thing...this is not to used as a punishment! I then have the student look in my classroom store of goodies and let them choose a prize that they can get once they've filled their chart (their prize will sit in my desk next to their chart).
-Finally, I let the student do the work and show me their good behavior. Let's say I was monitoring them twice a day (before and after lunch), I'd call the student over to my desk and we'd quickly and quietly decide together if they'd earned a sticker for that time period (a sticker = good behavior). The students are usually way harder on themselves than I would be! Once their chart is filled with stickers, they've earned their prize.
I've never had a student go beyond two behavior charts, by then they've generally changed their behavior.

Click {HERE} to grab your copy of this behavior chart

Hope this all makes sense. I've been typing between chasing my little boy around the house. Let me know if you need further instructions!

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