Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flat Stanley - Part One

I know making and sending out Flat Stanley's is definitely not an original idea, but I'm still going to share what we've been working on. This post's title is a little deceiving, because it took a few weeks to actually get to this point. So here are the actual steps in our Flat Stanley adventure.

Part One: Read the book Flat Stanley. Sounds easy enough, right? Totally. It's a really cute book by Jeff Brown.
Part Two: Using the Cricut make 7" paper dolls (you could do 6" or smaller, but 7" felt right to me)
Part Two 1/2: Get really distracted by best friend's wedding next fall and spend 15 minutes making this cute bridal doll. Then get mad at yourself because you are now late to pick up your baby from the sitter (I do not recommend this step!)
Part Three: Send a letter home to the parents asking for an address of a family member or friend that lives outside of the state to send the Flat Stanley's to.

Part Four: Using construction paper, fabric, wall paper samples, or any other crafts have the students dress their Flat Stanleys. We make ours to look like the students themselves.
Part Five: Write a letter to the people who will be getting the Flat Stanley and tell them to take pictures, document, and then send the Flat Stanley back to your school by a specific date.

Part Six: Have the students share their letters and pictures when their Flat Stanley returns and then add to bulletin board (this part hasn't happened just yet in our classroom)

What do you do with your Flat Stanley dolls?

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Dave and Linds said...

This is such a cute idea! i just finished reading a flat stanely book to my students and they loved it! They would love this fun activity, too!