Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Award Myself... {+ a Freebie!}

...worst blogger of the month!

Yikes! Has it really been almost a month since I've blogged? I've been super busy, but I know that everyone is super busy, right?! Honestly, I've been having difficult time balancing my time at home with my family and my time on the computer, when I'm creating documents and blogging. I'd really like to know how you all do it. Seriously - any tips or idea would be great.

Remember how I volunteered to head the Dr. Seuss Spirit Week and then a Family Reading Night? That has taken up a lot of my time. PLUS I'm starting a math class in the next town over this week, so I've been trying to squeeze in as much extra time with my little guy to make up for all the time my assignments will take up.

Anywhoo...I just thought I'd share my current bulletin board - just in time for our Dr. Seuss Week. I got the idea from the wonderful Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants.

It's a little crazy and chaotic, but that's what Dr. Seuss was all about, right?

I also added in some of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes. You can grab them HERE. I had to shrink some of them down so they'd all fit. Hope you can use them.

Happy Dr. Seuss Week Everyone!

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