Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We've been using Houghton Mifflin for reading for the past seven + years in my school district. We've just been told that next year we're switching to HM's new program called Journeys. Does anyone have any experience with it? I do like our Houghton Mifflin program, but I think there's a lot of room for improvement, so I'm excited to see what this new program has to offer. I'm a little bummed though, since I've spent money buying some great units and activities on TPT that go along with our current program that I won't be able to use any more. Oh well. I'd love to hear any info and feedback.

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Graig and Nicole said...

The district I sub for started using it this year. I find it very similar. I've heard teachers say its "draining" because there is so much to do and not enough time. I love the set up of it though it has a focus wall for each week which I love. I think you'll enjoy it but I'm sure the first year it will just take time converting things over to match. This district has created smartboard slides to go with each week/day. Which is awesome on the smartboards.

apricot21 said...

Our school is using it as well, though only for some grades. I teach first and our copies didn't even come in until about 2 months into school, so we've just stuck with the trophies program but we have to switch next year. I've had some training on it, and it seems to be pretty good, but I was also a little concerned about the timing, as there seems to be a lot to do for everyday and they recommend 2.5-3 hours with the program everyday.

What I am looking forward to, however, is the Common Core alignment as well as the extra blacklines that come with it are all aligned as well, which is great! They even have a lot for writing, which the Trophies program did not.

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