Monday, April 18, 2011

Science Day!

Last week we had a school wide science day through Utah State's Junior Engineering program. The intent of the program is for a school to rent or buy the materials for the lessons. This is something that my school district has purchased, but I know that with all your creative teacher minds, you could easily find your own materials and adapt any lesson.

Click here to find all their fun lessons.

I taught the Germatics lesson (it was a lesson about germs that we got to act out with puppets).

These are the BAC puppets (Bacteria's nickname, of course). They were pretty scary looking! Before the students came in I sprinkled some
Glo Germ into each puppet and after reading a books about germs (we read Germs, Germs, Germs!) I had several students come and put the puppets on their hands as we acted out a story found in the lesson.

When we were done reading the play the students pulled their hands out of the puppets and I told them that they now had fake germs on their hands. Then I held the black light over their hands and the "germs" glowed white. Just so no one was left out, I then had each student go around and give hive fives or shake hands with the other kids so that they could all see their hands glow.

Some of my students' favorite lessons were Bubbleology, Toys in Space, and Dino Babies.

I hope you can find a lesson that inspires your inner mad scientist!

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Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

haha! i love the puppets!! :)