Monday, April 25, 2011

End of the Year Writing Project

We have 5 more weeks of school! Can you believe it? I know I say this each year, but this year really has flown by. Now that Easter is over, I'm pulling out my ideas to keep the kiddos engaged during the last month (always the hardest!)

One of my favorite end of the year activities is making a memory book. I order each student a Bare Book and then print of labels with different topics such as "At recess I," "Some new friends I made were," "My favorite classroom experience," and other topics like that to place inside each page. I also include a picture from their first day of school, their school picture, and a picture of them from our musical. It's a really great assignment and I hope it can be something they keep for a long time.

**For a link to the labels with all the topics I use for this project
please click HERE! Enjoy!

2 sweet comments:

AllyM said...

Love this book idea! Also, added your button to my blog!! Goodluck these last few weeks!

Kristen said...

Just coming by to share the love! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am kinda in a funk right now, but I will post some more this long as the yardwork doesn't kill me!