Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favorite Things

Since it's Sunday, I'm taking a day off of school things and focusing on some of my favorite things.

My Little Man


Colorful Post-its

Picnics and playing at the park

Linking up with Little Miss Kindergarten

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

3 sweet comments:

Anonymous said...

Your little man is so handsome! Sounds like a relaxing day! I spent it at church and the pool :-) Thanks for sharing your favorite things

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Jill said...

I also love flats, and I have been wanting to take Zumba classes!! It looks so fun.

Magnificent Multiagers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel--

If you are interested in Teaming up for a giveaway, can you please email me? I did not see an email addy posted on your site.

Thank you!
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