Monday, June 6, 2011

Ideas Needed

Oh, The Beatles. I love them. I do need some help with ideas. Today was the first day of summer school and I have a lot of adult helpers in my classroom. I have an aide who is great and can do/teach really anything, then I have two college students (that are with us all day on Monday and Wednesday) who are getting ready to do their student teaching in the fall and they seem very able to willing to do whatever the kids need. Everyday I do small group centers and have these teachers run a center.

The part that I need help with is how do you use helpers in your classroom? These summer school kiddos are, for the most part, the really low kids that need all the extra help they can get. I'd love some creative ideas, please. TIA!

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Stephanie said...

I use my classroom aids do work in small groups or one on one on a basic skill the groups need. I give them specific instructions that they can do with a several children over the week so they can have a plan and I do not have to give instructions to them daily. Daily instructions gets time consuming and frustrating. Keep it simple!

Anonymous said...

One of my projects this summer is to try to work on a Volunteer Tub- I am hoping to put together some book kits of different levels. Volunteers can grab a bag and read with that child. My thought was to make a schedule such as M, W- read 10 min each, sight word practice 5 min each etc. I think I will add if children are in the room please do: A, B, C. If students are out of room please prep, make, do A, B, C. I am hoping that this kit will be something that the Volunteer will be able to come in the room, grab the kit and get to work.

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Frugalteacher said...

HI! Following you from the Team Blog Giveaway! I had a co-teacher in my room last year and it was great. Sometimes she would do a small group while I monitored centers and then after the students got adjusted to the routine we would both do groups while the students worked independently. Since your students are really low, I would have your helpers work with 1 or 2 students at a time on basic phonics, working with words, writing, math or literacy games, or just reading with them. I used to be an aid before I became a teacher and there was nothing worse than not knowing what the teacher wanted. I usually just jumped right in, but not everyone will do that. Make sure you are very specific.