Thursday, August 18, 2011

HELP! (prize included)

This year I'm going with the celebrity theme and I've got my bulletin boards done, the 'celebrity of the week' planned out, but I'd like to do a class pledge or saying that I need some help with.

I'm asking for some ideas that can relate back to my theme, and still motivate the students to do their best. I teach first grade at Lincoln Elementary (not necessary to include in the pledge).

Please leave me a comment with your cute saying or idea and together, with my teacher husband, we'll pick our favorite. I'll send the winner 3 Smencils! These things are awesome - they work just like a regular pencil, but they're scented, so they smell great! Really, what teacher could say no to a fun, new writing utensil?!?

You have until Friday night (sorry, I want this ready for my students next week!) so please send me some ideas!

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Christie said...

Hi Rachel!
Cute blog! I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for but we have a little pledge that we say each morning- "I promise to be the best I can be, today and everyday!" I feel like this covers just about everything-academic and behaviors. Maybe you could add "Put me in the spotlight because..." in front of the promise. That might tie it to your celebrity theme a little more. Hope this helps you!

Christie :)
First Grade Fever

Anonymous said...

today i pledge to be honest, kind and happy no matter what!

Kelly said...

Microphone in hand for the classroom pledge helper of the day/week... "Places everyone! ACTION! We are room ____. We are VIP! Yes, very important people! We promise to.......... only we can 'direct' our lives, and we make 'fans' everyday!" Hope you like this, I am thinking you can add your promises for your personal class rules where the dots are. Good luck!

The Wildes said...

Although I may be a star, I won't forget to work real hard. The lights may flash and fans may call, but I will do my best for all!

The Thomas' said...

Today I pledge to be hard working!!! Yay teaching blog!!!

Logan said...

Teacher yells, "We represent!" Class replies, "Abraham Lincoln!"

Becca said...

Shining stars! OR go team ramrod.

Graig and Nicole said...

At Hibbard we would say " I will be the very best me!"

Jen's OT for Kids said...

My teacher friend Paula used this with her sweeties and they loved belting it out!
"We are the 1st grade class! We learn together...we work together....we play together....we are all friends! Today {or could say 'tomorrow'} will be another GREAT DAY!"

Kids love class slogans :)


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Dee said...

Here's a cheer from EDM that my class loves. It could make a good daily pledge.
"Two, four, six, eight. First graders are really great!"
First Impressions