Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I pray for them

***Please note that this post is not intended in any way to offend anyone. I am not trying to push my beliefs on others or say that what I do is what others should do too. I just wanted to share one of the things I do to get ready for my new students.

At my school we get our list of new students for fall on the last day of school. I usually stuff this list in my teacher bag and don't even really think about it until August. That's when I make an effort to start learning their names. Since I don't know the majority of my incoming first graders, and I really want to have a connection with them from the beginning, I include them in my evening prayers. I ask that I will quickly learn their interests and that I can be aware of special needs that I might otherwise miss.

Now, I can't say for sure that this helps me with my students, since it's something that I've always done, and I know plenty of other teachers who don't pray for their students and they are just wonderful. This is something that I feel is best for me. I think I especially need it this year. In the past, I've had siblings of my former students, so there are students that I've seen grow up and I already have that love for, but this year I only have one student that I know! Only one! That's really strange for me, so I'm hoping my prayers will help me form strong relationships with my students and their parents quickly.

Click here to learn more about my religion. Again, I really hope no one was offended. Can you tell I'm super nervous to click on the 'publish post' button???

2 sweet comments:

Kristen said...

I love this idea! One thing I have always told other parents about you is that you sincerely care about your students, and my children always felt like they were loved. Of all the teachers my children have had ( and we've had a few) -- you are one of the best! Thanks for being so fabulous!

Rachel said...

Aww thanks Kristen! It helps that your kids are just so sweet and cute! I was just talking to Marilyn Griffin the other day about how great your kids are.