Saturday, September 10, 2011

Listening Skills / Directional book

**UPDATED** The link now works!!

I made this book hoping for a fun, quick activity for my students. It'll let me assess their listening skills as well as see if they understand basic directions of objects (on top, beside, under, etc.). My husband is out of town for the week and took my computer with him. At first I thought nothing of it, but tonight I'm realizing it has all my favorite fonts and programs. I made this book in Keynote (which is kind of like PowerPoint). Anyways I have no clue if you guys will be able to open it. Would you please let me know either way? Fingers crossed!
*Directions* Each child will color and cut out 4 apples. Then glue an apple to each page and have the kids add their own worm.

Click {HERE} for the book!

4 sweet comments:

t. ulch said...

I could not open it! Thanks for trying!

Pam said...

... and it just made my Monday! All I need is a bag of gummi worms :) Thank You.

Janae said...

This is really cute, Rachel! What a fun and quick way to assess positional words. And how perfect it can go along with my upcoming apple unit! :)


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Nina said...

Absolutely love this! Thanks!