Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back To School Night

Last night was our Back-to-School-Night. I've noticed that most schools do it right before school starts, but ours is a week after. Weird huh? The great thing is that I can use a lot of the students' work for displays and to show parents. It was a fun, but tiring night! Here are just a few pictures from my evening.

My information packet, the students' note about what they want to learn this year, and the parents note back to their child.

Okay, so I bribed the students to get their parents to come. I told them there would be a treat.

My Lesson Objectives board

Such a great art project found at Teaching with TLC

Class thumbprint tree found {here}

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Janae said...

I bribe my parents, too. :) I love the thumbprint tree. Super cute!

The Sharpened Pencil