Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's Keep it Up!

Does anyone else feel like the last couple weeks of school are the hardest? The kids are ready to move on, you're just about burnt out, and the warm weather is just too tempting (not always in Idaho!). I'm trying super hard to not get too excited since I'll be teaching another month for summer school, but I am pumped for a week off to play with my little boy.
If you need some inspiration (like many of the teachers this time of year) please click here for some great teacher quotes.
So, let's do our best to still be great teachers for this next couple of weeks to these kids. They totally deserve it!

2 sweet comments:

Hadar said...

that is the most adorable bulletin board EVER!!! I am obsessed! So cute! And so jealous you have so little days left! I have 17!

Miss Kindergarten

Lucia13 said...

A perfect END OF YEAR bulletin board!
Thanks for sharing!

Enjoy Teaching English