Monday, May 2, 2011

Sound Muncher - sound review game

I know that the sound muncher idea has been around for quite some time, but I wanted to share my version of it. As you can seefrom the post below, I just quickly decorated a trash can from the Dollar Tree. Here are some cuter ones I found on google.

Here are my instructions and game cards for the activity. It's a great way to review some of the vowel sounds.

Also, guess who I got to hang out with today? Janae from First Grade Fun!

Turns out she literally lives three blocks from me and she's such a fun girl. I went to try to help her for her upcoming musical, since my students have done the same one in the past, but the majority of my time was spent trying to prevent my little guy from destroying her house. Her poor roommate was such a good sport and didn't get too upset as he smashed food into their carpet or when he totally stunk up their place with his dirty diaper (great timing, kid!). I'm thinking we should have an Idaho Blogging Friends lunch one of these weekends (before you move, Nicole!) and of course we'd love if you Utah girls want to come too...just an idea.

3 sweet comments:

Fun in First with Mrs. Ward said...

I'm in!

Janae said...

Ha, it was fun! He wasn’t that bad. :) And you were very helpful. I’m excited to go to school today and teach those kiddo’s the dance moves. The dvd was awesome! And I’m in for a lunch, too. :)

Hadar said...

Those sound munchers are adorable!!! love them :)

Miss Kindergarten