Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Things I've learned from Teaching

Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade is hosting a linky party entitled 10 Things I've Learned from Teaching. I decided to join in.

I've been teaching for 5 years so I've learned at least 10 things:

1. Teaching is another form of acting. There have been quiet a few times when I’ve taught them a lesson that I’ve pretended to love (this leads to #2).

2. Students really do mirror your face. So the more excited and into a lesson I get, so do my students.

3. Most first grade problems are easily solved by an ice pack, a Band-Aid, or a drink of water. “Serious” problems require all three.

4. Sometimes parents can be the hardest part about teaching (this has been my best year though!).

5. Always bring Tylenol to take right before the bus ride on field trip day. First graders love to sing LOUDLY on buses.

6. I I’ve met some of my best friends through Parent-Teacher Conference.

7. Going to a student’s piano concert / dance recital / sports game makes a HUGE difference. They will then believe they are your favorite.

8. My husband teaches 12th graders and we’re constantly amazed at how we can use the same techniques.

9. Teaching is a job that does not end at 3:45! At least not for good teachers.

1 0. Everyone (there’s no age limit) loves to be read to. Junie B. Jones is a great read-aloud for first graders. She’s so stinking funny!

2 sweet comments:

JenniferL said...

#4 and #7 hit home with me. Last year I had several wonderful parents and several not so wonderful parents. It was bad enough that I thought about leaving the profession. Ridiculous that I gave them that much power!

I have gone to at least one of my former students baseball and football games every year for three years. Both me and my fiance go and it really does mean so much to him. After the first game he really worked his butt off in class for me!

Andi said...

#8 is so interesting! How neat it must be to have your husband be a teacher!