Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Know You're a Teacher When...

- You become an expert at reading first grade writing / spelling.

- You say "Put your name on your paper," "Don't forget to use a capital and an end punctuation mark," and "Use the restroom during recess," so very, very many times a day!

- By this time of the year you can recognize each student from behind, since you know their coat and backpack.

- You have a love / hate relationship with bulletin boards.

- You have tons of pictures just like these on your computer.

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P.S. Did you guys notice that I was today's winner at First Grade...a la Carte!? You NEED to check out this amazing blog by Kathy Law. She made a wonderful game just for me (okay, she made it for all of you too!). I'm in love with it!

3 sweet comments:

Abby said...

I have WAY. TOO. MANY. pics of things just like those you posted!!! And I NEVER print them! Ha!

Kathy Law said...

THANKS for the GREAT comment!! I hope you and your students enjoy the game!

First Grade a la Carte

vgw said...

You know you are a teacher when you spend your "time off" reading professional development books, getting ready for the next unit and being excited when school supply sales will start! Virginia