Sunday, March 6, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Day

Did you know that this Friday (March 11th) is Johnny Appleseed Day? This guy actually gets two days, one in September (for his birthday) and then the one in March (since it's during planting season). There's a great story in our HM reading basal, but it's not for another couple of weeks that we'll get to that.

We just learned our sums of 10 facts and the majority of my students are getting it, but there are those few that are still struggling. So I made this matching activity to review those math facts and include the apples to introduce the Johnny Appleseed story.

Hope you can use it! Click HERE for the download.

How do you celebrate Johnny Appleseed?

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Elisabeth said...

We are reading this story this week! And I had no idea he had two days! Thanks for sharing! :)