Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Remember my Flat Stanley post? Well, our Flat Stanleys are starting to come back and I've been so impressed with how cute my kiddo's family members are. One little guy's grandma made a whole book out of her adventure with his Flat Stanley. They're just so cute. I'll post a picture of my bulletin board when I get a few more back.

Here's a couple pictures of where my Flat Stanley was sent. I sent her off to visit my friend Lo and her darling baby. Can you guess where they live?

Hawaii! Ahhh I'm so jealous of my Flat Stanley (and my friend Lo who is also a teacher and get's to live in Hawaii)!!

Okay I should go back to bed since I'm taking a sick day because I was up all night with the flu. Blah!

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Sea Lab Fam said...

yay yay! We loved hosting the little flat man ;) What a neat project Rach, glad your kiddos are enjoying it! Miss you bunches