Monday, March 28, 2011

Vowel Pair Review Game

I can't take credit for the idea of this game, since it was first told to me by our school's special ed teacher, but I did try to *fancy* it up. This game is a great review of some of the vowel pairs we introduce in 1st grade. I know some of my students just get totally lost with all the different sounds so hopefully this will help even my low bunnies. The directions are on the first page.

Click HERE to download Roll - Away

How do you review the vowel pairs with your students?

2 sweet comments:

Lindsey said...

this is great! i think i'll have my class play this on friday:)

thanks girl!

Janae said...

We've been working on this a lot, too. So thanks! I'm going to post a game I found, too. I wrote all the pairs on flashcards and we practice those a lot. Around the world, bingo, swat, hop scotch, spell checker... any and every way!

Also, I just bought the Bugz play for our first grade to do in May. Any tips/ideas? We are going to start practicing right after the IRIs.