Friday, March 4, 2011

Restroom Passes

I have a little cutie in my classroom that has a medical issue that makes it necessary for her to use the restroom more often than my other students. I've noticed over the past few weeks that she was leaving the classroom around 4 times a day to use the restroom and she'd be gone each time for around 5 minutes. So after some suspicion I would watch her walk to the restroom and see that she was just roaming the hallway. After a stern talking to, I thought we had resolved this issue.

Nope. On Monday two of my students ran into my room to tell me that this student would stand on the stall and climb over the walls. What?!? First graders do the strangest things sometimes. The best part though, waswhen I asked her why in the world she would climb the walls in the bathroom she told me that she couldn't stop herself because it was too much fun. Love the honesty!

So after talking to her awesome mom I came up with this plan of using an Emergency Restroom Pass. She gets to use one a day and the days that she doesn't use the Emergency Pass (and just uses the restroom during recesses like the other students) she could get a prize. This form stays in my desk and I just cross out that day's pass if she needs it. Does that make sense? Check out the picture and see if that helps.

This system has only been in place for a week, but so far - so good!

Click HERE for the download.

How do you solve restroom issues in your class?

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Rachelle said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

BTW- I make my printables in word. I have figured out all of the tricks to do it! Also, Natalie (my other half of What the Teacher Wants) uses Powerpoint. :) Hope that helps!